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Adam Drozdek, The Milesians

Adam Drozdek: Greek Philosophers As Theologians at Amazon. This is chapter 1: — It is not very often that the Ionian thinkers are considered to be theologians. An exception might be made for Xenophanes and Heraclitus, but... Read More | Share it!

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Historical background of the Iliad

When the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann excavated the site of Mykenai in the late 19th century, he found amid an extraordinary series of royal graves a magnificent gold mask of a man. Schliemann announced to the world... Read More | Share it!

Hera Poseidon Thetis Zeus

HERA Hera, wife of Zeus, is one of the great troublemakers in the Iliad. Her anger and trickery keep things moving any time they threaten to go slack. She resents Zeus and his power as much as she may love him, but she has found... Read More | Share it!

Aphrodite Apollo Ares Hephaistos (Hephaestus)

APHRODITE Goddess of love, Aphrodite fights in support of the Trojans, backing Paris in his judgment among the goddesses. She is not particularly successful in the battle and is wounded by Diomedes. She is not, however, all free... Read More | Share it!

The Immortals

Just who or what the gods and goddesses are is one of the Iliad’s most intriguing questions. Sometimes they are religious figures, sometimes allegorical, sometimes psychological. Their relation to humans is extremely... Read More | Share it!

Paris (Alexandros), Poulydamas, (Polydamas) Priam

Paris (Alexandros) Pampered, beautiful, and slightly scandalous, Paris is the actual cause of the Trojan War — he stole Helen from his host, Menelaos. He is chided by Hektor for his womanizing and his prettiness, and even... Read More | Share it!

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